Companionship, Shopping, Outings, Appointments 

This is an hourly rate, with a minimum of two hours at any one time.

 Support post hospital discharge

The charge for this service depends on complexity of the situation, which is personalised for the elderly client.

 Short term carer support is a 24 hour rate depending on the amount of assistance required by the elderly client.

 Government funding "Carer Support"

Carer Support is a government subsidy to assist the unpaid carer to have a break from caring for the client. To access carer support you need to ask the clients GP to make a referral.

Carer support can be used to supplement or compliment payment for services.

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    All services are tailored to suit individual needs so prices will depend on your circumstances.  Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs. 

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I can’t speak highly enough about the work that Jo and Felicity and their “care givers” are doing. Home Assistants for Seniors professionalism and the quality of their “care givers” is exceptional and my brother, sister and I (and our mother), literally, could not contemplate being without them.

Jo Steel and Felicity Wallis have been supervising and assisting with the care of my mother for the past two years.  My siblings and I all live outside Christchurch. My mother (85 years old) is in the early stages of dementia.  The work of Jo and Felicity and their company, Home Assistants for Seniors, has been essential in allowing our mother to continue to live a moderately independent life. This has provided us with the peace of mind, that Mum is being well cared for and has an appropriate level of companionship. 

I would certainly recommend them to others seeking to ensure their ageing parents (or relatives) have a safe and secure social structure within which they can live, while retaining an appropriate degree of independence and autonomy. 

Paul S. Elliott -Singapore

May 2016


Please ring us to discuss how we can assist you and your elderly family member.

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Jo 027 626 1068